PorkControl is a free (opensource) Java control program for the Yaesu FT-817 transceiver and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. It provides an uncomplicated interface for general use of the radio via the CAT serial interface. Many users find this useful to avoid the need to use the small controls on the unit, others use it for remote control. PorkControl allows favourites to be stored and supports automatic configuration for access to UK repeaters.

There is a now a scriptable command line sister program called pigctl for Unix/Linux. It does not require Java or X. Click here for details.



Download Version 3 (6th August 2011)

MD5: 179dcfff37bdf40236065477051bc1e1

The download does not include the UK repeater list: download from http://www.ukrepeater.net/.

A Few Warnings

Amateur radio is a hobby that requires care, otherwise you can ruin your radio, get jailed or end up in hospital. The author accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY at all. The download includes a README file, read it before use. The following are important points:

  • PorkControl is amateur-grade software. It works OK, but if you re-use the source code for anything else then it may not work.
  • You will probably need a license to transmit.
  • Messing around can put yourself and others in danger.
  • Back up the settings on your radio before using computer control.
  • Do not try to transmit remotely unless you are sure the radio is properly powered.


  • Most computers have Java, if you do not have Java then you need to install it first.
  • Unzip the download, then double click the PorkControl.jar file. In Linux and MacOSX you can instead run the porkcontrol script.
  • By default, PorkControl talks to the radio at 38400 bps. You might need to configure this on the radio (Option 14 "CAT RATE").
  • Clone CT62 cables are available at: http://www.g4zlp.co.uk/unified/YaesuCAT.shtml.
  • If you are looking for PSK31 software, fldigi and MultiPSK are highly recommended.


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