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pigctl is a free (opensource) scriptable UNIX control program for the Yaesu FT-817 transceiver. It provides a means to issue commands to the radio via the CAT interface from the command line, script files or from other applications. Many users find this useful to avoid the need to use the small controls on the unit, others use it for remote control.

pigctl does not require other libraries, nor does it require X. Since it is written in C, there is no need for Java (which is a requirement for its sister program: PorkControl). It works (if recompiled) on the Raspberry Pi, providing a means for remote control using SSH if you hook a Pi up to your radio.

pigctl is currently 'alpha' quality. Whilst it works OK to issue commands to the radio, it does not currently support reading the radio state.



Download Version 1 (16th February 2013)

A Few Warnings

Amateur radio is a hobby that requires care, otherwise you can ruin your radio, get jailed or end up in hospital. The author accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY at all. The download includes a README file, read it before use. The following are important points:



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