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Tony Chung

PhD BSc (Hons) CEng MIET

Chartered Engineer in Wireless Systems Research

I have over a decade of experience working with customers to understand complex business challenges and deliver innovative solutions. I manage, lead, research, engineer, and implement across the communications stack. Whilst actively engaged in industrial and academic projects, I use underlying skills in embedded systems, software-defined radio, wireless, and technical project management. Much of my recent work has been in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

Active expertise areas:

Distributed Computing
Software Defined Radio
Embedded Firmware
Testbed Development
Training Courses
Technical Project Management



I deliver projects for industry customers with tough problems, supporting systems that need to run cost-effectively for extended periods and meet requirements such as ISO27001. I undertake research, negotiate requirements, architect designs, implement solutions, and lead quality assurance activities.


I undertake postdoctoral scientific and innovation research, working closely with clients to understand complex technical challenges. My current work focuses mostly on enhancing system dependability and security by building a deeper understanding of the RF channel at the physical layer. This involves the application of digital signal processing using software defined radio technology, and fusing these outputs with other data sources. I work extensively with M2M and IoT technologies, and have been involved in expert panels and industrial committees.

Technology Management

I lead technical projects to assist organisations understand and respond to the interaction between strategic business functions and emerging technology. I analyse business problems, engage stakeholders at all levels, and manage innovation to improve the technical readiness of my clients.


I have a decade of University-level teaching experience, in topics including digital signal processing, computer programming, networked communications and embedded systems. I produce materials, deliver and assess student performance in a number of environments including lectures, seminars and industrial training courses.

Completed Education

PhD: High Security Wireless Sensor Networks

I focused on high security applications (such as industrial control systems), with a particular focus on improving the performance of security protocols in low-energy M2M/IoT networks. My work involved elements of cryptographic protocol development for constrained hardware and physical-layer security solutions.

PDF: Download Thesis

Other Publications

BSc: Computer Science - Embedded/Robotic Systems (1:1)

This course, and my electives, focused on embedded systems, robotics and computer security.


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