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Tony Chung

PhD BSc (Hons) CEng MIET

Chartered Engineer in Wireless Systems Research

I research and develop innovative communication solutions for customers with complex business challenges. I am a full stack developer with applied research and development experience in embedded programming, secure networked systems and wireless. Much of my work has focused on technologies involving Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Active expertise areas:

Communications Networks
Wireless Signals
Embedded Systems
Testbed Development
Training Courses
Technical Project Management



I engineer bespoke communications systems to meet tough performance and security requirements. My experience includes activities from project inception to final delivery, with a significant focus on advanced prototype development with emerging technologies.

I have direct implementation experience with technologies including:


I undertake postdoc-level research the builds a deeper understanding of the performance and behaviour of systems. My work has a particular emphasis on physical layer properties from the RF channel. I apply digital signal processing using software defined radio technology, and fuse outputs with other data sources. I work extensively with M2M and IoT technologies, especially those designed to meet minimalist design.

Some research activities include:


I have a decade of University-level teaching experience, in topics including computer programming, networked communications, digital signal processing and embedded systems. I produce materials, deliver and assess student performance in a number of environments including lectures, seminars and industrial training courses.

Recent experience includes:

Completed Education

PhD: High Security Wireless Sensor Networks

I focused on high security applications (such as industrial control systems), with a particular focus on improving the performance of security protocols in low-energy M2M/IoT networks. My work involved elements of cryptographic protocol development for constrained hardware and physical-layer security solutions.

PDF: Download Thesis

Other Publications

BSc: Computer Science - Embedded/Robotic Systems (1:1)

This course, and my electives, focused on embedded systems, robotics and computer security.


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