Tony Chung
Tony Chung

PhD BSc (Hons) CEng MIET

Chartered Communications Engineer & Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a chartered engineer from, and work in, the UK. I specialise in low-volume/bespoke communication systems using wireless and networked technology. Much of my work involves supporting (and sometimes leading) diverse delivery teams to engineer solutions to meet complex stakeholder requirements and satisfy stringent standards. Whilst this sometimes involves COTS integration, most of my work responds to a lack of existing solutions: so there is often an emphasis on prototype development and sometimes applied research.

My technical management skills are combined with hands-on full-stack implementation experience - across the full development cycle from stakeholder requirements engagement to delivery, including:


I also undertake postdoctoral research as part of Lancaster University's multi-disciplinary Infolab21, where I focus mostly on improving network security. My work has increasingly involved the physical layer in recent years, where I utilise software defined radio, signal processing and data science to improve situational awareness for security applications. One output of this work was the PhyForm framework (see short paper), which can collate RF datasets and interactively apply algorithms on those datasets using a distributed, cloud-based, architecture. This was implemented with a combination of Python, Java servlets and Javascript on a customised opensource Linux platform. My most recent activity has involved emerging 4G/5G and M2M systems in community infrastructure use-cases.

Over the past decade I have also developed and delivered on training courses covering a range of communications-related topics within both academic and workplace settings. This includes in network communications, wireless communication, embedded systems and software radio.

Prior to this I completed a PhD (see thesis) in authentication in low-power networks used in high-security applications. The first part of my PhD involved cryptographic protocol design (see paper) and the second part utilised wireless distance measurement to augment cryptographic security with physics (see paper). Much of the implementation was undertaken in C or nesc, using embedded OSes including TinyOS on the MSP430 platform. I evaluated a number of technologies including Nanotron and PulsON TDoA systems. Other aspects of my PhD included contributing to work that influenced IoT protocol development, such as the application of IPv6 in small devices (see paper contribution).

My undergraduate degree was in Embedded Systems and Robotics. I studied a number of related fields, including smartcard systems and railway signalling principles. My undergraduate dissertation involved the development of a wireless train control demonstrator in a model railway using embedded C on the Cyan eCog1k, which communicated using a custom protocol over unlicensed frequencies on the Radiometrix TDL2a platform.

My technical interests have included opensource, legacy computing, simulation systems, and amateur radio. I have occassionally developed code for various reasons such as to implement database front-ends (Gnuritos), interfaces with radios (PorkControl) and experiment with map-searching algorithms (FareFinder).


Relevant Publications

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