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Tony Chung

PhD BSc (Hons) CEng MIET

Consultative Research and Engineering for Specialist Applications

Secure M2M/IoT - Bespoke Wireless - Software Defined Radio - Full Stack

website-2010@tonychung dot net


I specialise in advanced prototypes and technical investigations. I undertake complete project lifecycle activities including research, requirements, architecting, design, implementation, and quality assurance.

  • Bespoke communication solutions utilising IP and non-IP (such as M2M) bearers.
  • Wireless systems engineering.
  • Embedded development with SoCs, such as those based on ARM and MSP430.
  • Digital signal processing in Python, GNU Radio, and MATLAB.
  • Customised Linux systems.
  • C/C++, Java, Python, Javascript, and other languages.
  • Web service front/back ends including J2EE, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and JSON.

Applied Research

I have an interest in cross-disciplinary research, but my current research focuses on enhancing system security via the physical layer.

  • Leading and undertaking complex experiments with multiple stakeholders.
  • Design and implementation of test beds.
  • Fused analysis of RF data using digital signal processing at scale.
  • Technology evaluations and review, including of positioning and dependable navigation technologies.
  • Secure and dependable integration of minimalist (IoT/M2M) systems.

See Projects.

Technology Management

I lead technical projects that assist organisations to understand and respond to the interaction between strategic business functions and emerging technology. I analyse business problems, engage stakeholders at all levels, and manage innovation to improve the technical readiness of my clients.

  • Stakeholder engagement via technical demonstration, briefings, and panels.
  • Modeling problems and solutions, working with industry to trial new products.
  • Management and review of research programmes from tender to delivery.
  • Running outreach activities, including hackathons and other exercises.

Training and Teaching

I have a decade of University-level teaching experience, in topics including networked communications, embedded systems, digital signal processing and computer programming.

  • Production and delivery of workplace technical training courses.
  • Lecturing on undergraduate, postgraduate, and industry courses.
  • Leading laboratory sessions and providing one-to-one assistance.
  • Development and delivery of class-based seminars.
  • Assessing student work in demanding environments.

See Teaching.


PhD: High Security Wireless Sensor Networks

I focused on high security applications (such as industrial control systems), with a focus on improving the security of low-energy M2M/IoT networks. My work involved elements of wireless channel measurement and cryptographic protocol development.

PDF: Download Thesis

Other Publications

  • A new authentication protocol based on wireless time-of-flight.
  • Evaluation and design of cryptographic key establishment protocols.
  • Accuracy evaluation of Nanotron NanoPAN and Time Domain PulsON ranging.
  • Analysis of mesh network behaviour in the real world.
  • Development of embedded firmware using the TinyOS system.
  • Collaborative development of compressed IPsec for 6LoWPAN.

BSc: Computer Science - Embedded/Robotic Systems (1:1)

This course, and my electives, focused on embedded systems, robotics and computer security.

  • Wireless M2M using Cyan eCog1k and Radiometrix TDL2a (dissertation).
  • Efficient IP packet processing algorithms for Linux (internship).
  • Negotiation and development of web services for small businesses (part time).
  • Collaborative establishment of a campus HF radio station (extra-curricular).

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