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Older Projects

These are old projects! No further work may be planned and the underlying technology/approach may be obsolete.

See Projects for newer work.

UK Rail Fares Analysis

FareFinder is a data analysis project looking at fare anomalies on the UK railway network, for instance using the "split tickets" method. This was part of a short research project looking at UK transport cost anomalies (there are lots!) in the UK.

Key activities:

Code release is pending completion of the data analysis element of the work.

Farefinder Map Plot Farefinder PDF Output

Combined Database/Wiki/Repo

tCRM is a combined database, wiki and file repository front end intended for researchers, authors and note keepers that want a browser-based interface. It requires only a PHP stack, with no mandatory dependencies apart from SQLite3. tCRM was developed for users that don't want to use a full database server, but find the design of wikis to be too restrictive. tCRM has functions to support dynamic form generation, report output, record/file versioning and all the usual database functions.

HAM Radio Control Software

Type: Casual Software Development using Java/C/UART

PorkControl is a Java control program for the Yaesu FT-817/FT-817ND. It allows users to control the unit from a PC running Windows/Linux/iOS. Users will typically purchase or build an interface cable for use between the PC RS-232 port and the accessory port on the radio. PorkControl them allows for simplistic control with basic memory functionality.

More info

A port of the underlying library was implemented in C for use on platforms such as the Raspberry PI. This library is known as "pigctl".

More info

PorkControl GUI

RF Dependability

Type: Protocol Experiments using Embedded C/eCog1k

TrainControl was an embedded C project to provide a common codebase for radio control of model railway electronics including signals, junctions and trains. It was produced as part of an investigation of MAC protocols.

Prototype Layout Diagram

R3d Search
Online Search Engine

Type: Dynamic Website Development using bash/CGI

R3d Search was an online search engine for component files for the R3d simulator. It was able to evaluate dependencies between parts and generate aggregate zip files for user download. It was written using bash script, an approach that would be totally unacceptable and quite insecure today!

Other website developments have been undertaken for:

Software for Psion

Type: Casual Software Development

From the days when mobile devices were about creating rather than consuming content, this is software developed in OPL for the Psion Series 3a.

This is old stuff, and it won't run on anything modern unless you emulate the Psion itself (which in itself requires a DOS emulator).

Psion Applications



TCdraw (OPA in zip)

TCicon (OPA in zip)

TCnotepd (OPA in zip)

ScrlAttk (OPO in zip)

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