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This is an incomplete portfolio:

Most projects that I undertake are subject to contractual agreements that restrict publication. Where possible, technical reports and white papers will be released soon.

RF Signal Analysis Project

LoRaPHY is a post-doctoral research project investigating the physical properties of the LoRa IoT wireless protocol. It is focused on digital signal processing using data generated by a network of LoRa devices on the campus.

Key activities:

The specific signal processing approach and results are currently pending publication.

LoRa de-chirp LoRa FM demodulation

Distance Based Message Authentication

DBMA began as a doctoral study investigating distance-bounded authentication of wireless messages. The concept was designed to augment cryptographic authentication by using channel properties that are hard for a malicious user to replicate.

Key activities:

Initial results of this work were reported in my thesis.


Broadcast Key Establishment for Embedded Systems

BKE was a doctoral study of efficient secure channel establishment between gateways and large numbers of attached wireless devices.

Key activities:

The results of this work were reported in my thesis.

DHB-KEY Concept Sensor Application

UK Rail Fares Analysis

FareFinder is a data analysis project looking at fare anomalies on the UK railway network, for instance using the "split tickets" method. This was part of a short research project looking at UK transport cost anomalies (there are lots!) in the UK.

Key activities:

Code release is pending completion of the data analysis element of the work.

Farefinder Map Plot Farefinder PDF Output

Combined Database/Wiki/Repo

tCRM is a combined database, wiki and file repository front end intended for researchers, authors and note keepers that want a browser-based interface. It requires only a PHP stack, with no mandatory dependencies apart from SQLite3. tCRM was developed for users that don't want to use a full database server, but find the design of wikis to be too restrictive. tCRM has functions to support dynamic form generation, report output, record/file versioning and all the usual database functions.

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