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This is an incomplete portfolio:

Most projects that I undertake are subject to contractual agreements that restrict publication. Where possible, technical reports and white papers will be released soon.

M2M Waveform Analysis

This post-doctoral research project investigates the physical layer properties of M2M and IoT wireless protocols to build a stronger awareness of the behaviour of devices and the environment around them.

The project involves different approaches to using traditional data sources as well as measurements taken from the physical layer using digital signal processing.

Transmissions are generated by networks of M2M devices in indoor and outdoor environments. Current work includes evaluation of communication solutions such as LoRa, SigFox and NB-IoT.

Key activities:

The specific signal processing approach and results are currently pending publication.

LoRa de-chirp LoRa FM demodulation

Distance Based Message Authentication

DBMA began as a doctoral study investigating distance-bounded authentication of wireless messages. The concept was designed to augment cryptographic authentication by using channel properties that are hard for a malicious user to replicate.

Key activities:

Initial results of this work were reported in my thesis.


UK Rail Fares Analysis

FareFinder is a data analysis project looking at fare anomalies on the UK railway network, for instance using the "split tickets" method. This was part of a short research project looking at UK transport cost anomalies (there are lots!) in the UK.

Key activities:

Code release is pending completion of the data analysis element of the work.

Farefinder Map Plot Farefinder PDF Output

Combined Database/Wiki/Repo

gnuritos is a combined database, wiki and file repository front end intended for researchers, authors and note keepers that want a browser-based interface. It requires only a PHP stack, with no mandatory dependencies apart from SQLite3. gnuritos was developed for users that don't want to use a full database server, but find the design of wikis to be too restrictive. It has functions to support dynamic form generation, report output, record/file versioning and all the usual database functions.

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